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Digea was formed on June 24, 2009 by the commercial, privately-owned nationwide television channels Alpha, Alter, Antenna, Macedonia TV, Mega, Skai and Star, with a vision to create and provide a digital terrestrial television network, as well as inform and guide viewers in the constantly evolving digital era.

Digea was awarded all nationwide and regional digital terrestrial television frequency usage rights in 2014, being the sole successful bidder in the relevant public tender, and promptly undertook and completed the digital switchover project in accordance with the decision of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) for European countries.


The name “Digea” derives from the combination of the words Digital and Gaia (Earth), thus symbolizing digital terrestrial television.

With state-of-the-art equipment, specialized people και excellent technical infrastructure, Digea provides viewers with a high quality digital television signal in terms of video and audio, offering viewers the opportunity to explore the dynamic and fascinating world of digital television and live the ultimate television experience!

With a sense of responsibility, we constantly introduce new technologies to our digital terrestrial network, ensuring that our transmitter sites always provide an excellent quality signal. In this way, watching the free-to-air digital terrestrial programs is a comfortable and pleasant experience for our viewers.

We constantly strive to develop, operate and improve a solid and modern digital terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure, aiming at providing integrated TV services to our viewers.

We are committed to providing high quality services using the latest technology in its full potential, adding value to the television experience we provide for our viewers.

Our vision is to maximize the television viewing experience, giving everyone the opportunity to explore the world of free-to-air digital terrestrial television.

Our Philosophy

We rely on our people

By combining the specialized knowledge of each of our teams and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we constantly strive to maximize the television viewing experience.


We foster and promote a safe and quality work environment that encourages our people to evolve and progress. We are dedicated to turning the simple habit of watching television into a high quality service for our viewers.


All of us at Digea adhere to the ethical principles of respect and honesty, operating responsibly in a safe work environment.

Our Values

We share the same values

Proactivity and training

We enhance our knowledge and skills through continuous training and development, in order to meet the challenges of the constantly evolving world of technology.


The strength of our team lies not only in the combination of our experience and expertise, but also in our ability to trust, complement and support each other.

Business ethics

We think, operate and act with business ethics in mind at all operating levels of our company and this is how we interact with the society as a whole.

Looking at the future

We maintain a long-term perspective, constantly redefining the way we operate, so we can always be ready to meet new technological requirements and needs.


We act responsibly towards people, society and the environment.

Our Role

Since our beginning in 2009 we have been providing encoding, multiplexing and broadcasting services to all commercial nationwide and regional television channels in Greece.

In 2014 we acquired the rights to the frequency spectrum allocated for the development of a digital terrestrial television network for the commercial television stations in Greece (1).

We have a key role in the Digital Terrestrial Television project, at first by performing the digital switchover and ever since by providing advanced television services and keeping the viewers informed and up to date with any developments in our network.

We completed the switchover from analogue to digital television in 2015, an important milestone in the timeline of television in Greece.

We embrace the innovative and technologically advanced television of the future and we are always ready to adopt cutting edge digital technologies in order to promote the ultimate television viewing experience.

Today, with 166 Transmitter Sites we provide digital TV signal to over 96.3% of the population of Greece.

(1) The services provided to the TV Channels are regulated by the relevant Decisions of E.E.T.T. (JMD 716-003/30-04-2014, JMD 716-007/30-04-2014) and under specific terms laid down in the company’s service agreement with its clients, the TV channels (information for the provision of the services here).

Our People

For us at Digea, People stand at the center!

Our company is made up of highly qualified professionals and each one of us is an important and integral part of our team. 

We are constantly investing in our people, providing ample opportunities to participate in specialized and high value training courses and seminars, further developing their skills and fostering personal and professional growth. 

We provide a friendly and pleasant environment for all, as well as working conditions that allow our people to contribute and develop.

We build trusting relationships, with our employees, we encourage them to take initiative and we share our knowledge and expertise.

We believe in equal opportunity for development for all employees, without any racial or other discrimination.

We hold the health and safety of our employees in particularly high priority. 

We focus on occupational health and safety training programs, and constantly invest in all the necessary measures to eliminate accident risks.

We provide all our people who work in warehouses and transmitter sites with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We encourage community service, volunteering, as well as team bonding, so we can jointly contribute to our society.

We believe in the value of teamwork.

Digea as an official member of BNE
(Broadcast Networks Europe)

Our company is an official member of the international non-profit association Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE).

It is the union of Europe’s largest digital terrestrial network providers.  BNE’s goal is to maintain an effective and equitable regulatory and operational environment for digital terrestrial television providers.

At the same time, BNE ensures that the citizens of Europe will continue to have access to a wide range of television and radio programs and content.

Through our connection with BNE, we expand our expertise and participate in an important process of exchanging experience and best practices with the rest of our European counterparts.

ISO Certification

Digea is ISO certified and holds an ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Certificate since 2018. This certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous development and the adoption of best practices to protect the confidentiality of our information and to ensure the integrity of our data.

Certification Number 113

ISO 27001:2013