Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at Digea acknowledge the value of social responsibility with sensitivity and mindfulness.

In our effort to contribute to our community as a responsible “citizen”, we adopt practices that respect and support people, protect the environment and add value to our society.

By using state-of-the-art technology and actively taking action to reduce energy consumption, we are reducing our environmental footprint and thus contribute to the global effort to safeguard the future of our planet.

2020 – 2021 was a difficult period for our country, on account of the coronavirus pandemic. With the health and safety of our fellow citizens being our primary concern, our major Corporate Social Responsibility Program «The Heroes of Digea» was temporarily postponed, with the exception of December 2021, when we donated educational aid items to the Primary School of Agia Anna in North Evia, an area that was struck by natural disasters during the previous summer.

With the volunteer participation of our people and the help of our partners, we were able to express in a meaningful way our ever present social awareness and solidarity for people and local communities that have faced hardships following natural disasters.

And we will continue to do so!

The Heroes of Digea

Our social awareness in conjunction with the advanced digital environment in which we operate inspired Digea’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program «Heroes of Digea».

The exciting journey for the «Heroes of Digea» started in November 2018 from Athens. Very soon it continued with subsequent destinations Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Patra, offering love, joy, entertainment and many gifts to more than 1.000 children who are hosted or supported by institutions.

In collaboration with Odeon Cinema, children who were hosted in institutions such as “Melissa“, the “SOS Children’s Villages“, the “Greek Children’s Village“, the “Lighthouse of the World“, the ” Child Protection Center of Heraklion“, the “Home for Male Minors of Heraklion“, the “Child and Family Support Center” of the SOS Children’s Villages of Patras, the “Ark of Love“, the Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Action “The Bright Star” and the “K.K.P.P.D.E. Skagiopouleio Orphanage“, had the opportunity to walk on the “Orange Carpet”, enjoy children’s movies, play electronic games and have fun with creative activities.

With the active participation and support of people from the artistic, media and business world, we shared the joy of entertainment and creation.

In December 2021, we visited the Primary School of Agia Anna, at the Municipality of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna in North Evia, an area severely affected by devastating wildfires during the summer of 2021, offering utility items, books and electronic equipment.

This year, the journey continues with the islands of Lemnos and Aghios Efstratios where a visit was made to the Laboratory of Special Vocational Education and Training of Repanidi – Lemnos and to the Special Primary School and Special Kindergarten of Kallithea – Lemnos while at the same time an internet connection was made with teachers and students of the Primary and Secondary education of Aghios Efstratios. All the children were offered useful items and electronic equipment while we gained the children’s biggest smiles!

In May we visited Lesvos and found ourselves in the ”Association of Parents and Friends of People with Autism “SYN evolution“, the Special Kindergarten & Primary School of Mytilene, the Special Vocational Secondary School and High School at Panagiouda, the Special Primary School of Kalloni, the Special Kindergartens and Primary Schools at Sigri, Sykaminea and Lepetymnos, were we donate books, musical instruments, electronics and utensils for educational institutions, as well as gifts for every child. We traveled to Chios where we met even more Heroes of Digea with their parents and teachers, administrators and staff of schools and Associations of the island, as we visited the Special Kindergarten and Primary School, the Special Vocational Education and Training, the Unified Special Vocational Secondary School and High School, the Supported Living Accommodation, and the Ark of the World – Aegean.

The trip ended with our visit to the Schools in Psara, donating electronic and other useful things for the educational institutions and structures as well as gifts for every child!

Our will to keep on supporting the people, the children and our society remains limitless and we will continue in every possible way to offer as much as we can to the fellow members of our society.



Informing the public about issues related to the use of new technologies in the television “world” has been a top priority for Digea since our beginning.

During this entire journey of technology changes, transitions and switch-overs that have led to the modern digital era, our volunteers have contributed actively by informing people in various organizations and institutes, such as Elderly Open Care Centers (K.A.P.I. in Greek), about the upcoming changes and how they will be able to adapt and keep up with the new technology of digital terrestrial television.

By offering free equipment, such as decoder set-top boxes and TV sets, we act with social awareness, in order to contribute to society through our role.

We help and support where there is need, donating computers and other technology equipment to welfare institutions, such as the Amalieio Orphanage.

We care and continue to act socially responsibly through Corporate Responsibility Programs whenever possible and we will keep contributing to our society, humanely.


We fully acknowledge how valuable the environment is for all of us!

This is why we promote actions that contribute to a healthier environment!

We are proud to have reduced the energy consumption of our transmitter sites during the digital transition, by investing in cutting-edge technologies that not only serve our purpose but benefit the environment as well.

We carry on by adhering to strict operation standards for our transmitter sites and environmentally friendly maintenance procedures.

We encourage our people to act in an environmentally responsible way.

  • We practice recycling in our workplace, having special bins for recycling paper, batteries, light bulbs as well as small electric appliances and handing over the collected materials to a recycling company.
  • We collect plastic bottle caps and offer them to organizations that use them to finance wheelchair donations.